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Bradfield City Project

Aspect Studios

Completion Due 2024

Sydney, Australia

Client: Aspect Studios

Value: $1bn

Completion: 2024

Sector: Infrastructure, Land Development

Services: Soil Specification, Soil Analysis and Laboratory Testing​

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SESL Australia Pty Ltd (SESL) has played a pivotal role in the realisation of Bradfield Central Park, a transformative project situated at the heart of the Bradfield City Centre within the Western Sydney Airport Aerotropolis. Engaged by Aspect Studios, SESL brought its unparalleled expertise in soil science to the table, focusing on the intricate landscaping components that define this urban oasis. Conducting thorough site investigations, SESL assessed the feasibility of soil reuse on-site, ultimately determining the need for imported topsoil for landscaping endeavors. In collaboration with stakeholders, SESL meticulously formulated technical soil specifications, defining critical parameters essential for the soil media utilised across various landscapes within the park. These specifications, meticulously crafted to balance horticultural suitability, landscape longevity, and density limits, served as guiding principles throughout the project's implementation. Additionally, SESL implemented a rigorous quality assurance and quality control framework, establishing essential hold points to ensure the soil media's fitness for purpose at every stage of the project. SESL's contributions extend beyond mere consultancy, embodying a commitment to excellence and sustainability that underscores the success of Bradfield Central Park as a vibrant, enduring testament to urban landscaping innovation.

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