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North East Link Pacific Highway (Vic)



Melbourne, Australia

Client: T.C.L.

Value: $26bn

Completion: 2028

Sector: Highway, Infrastructure, Land Development

Services: Soil Remediation for Plant Growth


North East Link is the largest investment ever made in Melbourne’s north-east, transforming the way people move around the city.

As part of Victoria’s Big Build, we are delivering three major road projects. The 6.5km North East Link tunnels from Watsonia to Bulleen will address the missing link in our city’s freeway network, remove 15,000 trucks from local roads daily, and reduce travel times by up to 35 minutes. Upgrades to the Eastern Freeway and M80 Ring Road will include new lanes, smart technology, and a seamless connection to the North East Link tunnels.

This massive program of works is being meticulously planned to ensure the projects can open in 2028, bringing all the elements of North East Link together.

North East Link, along with the connecting M80 Ring Road Completion and Eastern Freeway Upgrades, is committed to driving environmental, social, and economic sustainability through design and delivery.

This includes demonstrating accountability for meeting sustainability commitments by sharing annual sustainability reports. A comprehensive Environmental Management Framework (EMF) is also in place to ensure environmental performance requirements are implemented across the projects.

SESL Australia Pty Ltd (SESL) was engaged by T.C.L. to provide soil advice for several elements of the southern interchange of the North East Link project in Melbourne, Victoria. Advice was sought for the following elements:

  • A survey and investigation of the soil within the Koonung Creek Reserve south of the Eastern Freeway and north of Kosciusko Road in Balwyn North. The site is to be used as a staging area for the works and will need to be reinstated post-construction.

  • Topsoil stockpiling advice, including reinstatement, amelioration, and quality control testing.

  • Soil specifications for a variety of landscape uses and situations.

  • Provision of appropriate topsoil depths for different planting and aspect situations.

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