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SESL offer a range of professional environmental services for the monitoring of active and decommissioned landfills. Our multi-disciplinary team of scientific consultants have the skills and expertise you need to undertake both routine and scenario-specific assessments to ensure compliance with local, state and national regulators.


Some of our landfill monitoring services include:

  • Landfill gas monitoring

  • Groundwater monitoring programs

  • Landfill cap inspections

  • Catchment surface water monitoring

  • Solid waste classification

  • Design and maintenance of parks atop landfill caps

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SESL’s multidisciplinary consultancy team allows us to comprehensively assess sites for the beneficial reuse of effluent via irrigation. Using our knowledge of soils, groundwater and general environmental factors, we’re able to effectively model a proposed (or current) effluent irrigation area to determine the feasibility and environmental impacts of the irrigation.


Some of the services we offer include:

  • Site walkovers and intrusive sampling

  • MEDLI modelling

  • Effluent irrigation suitability assessments

  • Effluent subdivision reports

  • Monitoring in accordance with licence conditions

  • Laboratory analysis of parameters for model inputs

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Acid sulfate soils are typically safe when undisturbed and left in their natural condition. However, if they are excavated or drained, resulting in contact with oxygen present in the atmosphere, they can cause major damage to steel and concrete structures, and cause acidification which can have detrimental effects on plants, animals and waterways. For any planned construction or ongoing site management, it is critical that you know where they are, how to manage the risks they pose and what to do in the event that they are disturbed.

SESL Australia has a dedicated team of suitably-qualified Environmental Consultants capable of assessing land for acid sulfate soils and developing site-specific management plans. Our management plans are designed to be easy to read and ready for use by site staff or contractors.

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SESL’s team of experienced environmental scientists regularly undertake a range of environmental assessments for a wide array of clients. We tackle environmental issues head on, ensuring the best outcomes for our clients and the environment.
Our environmental scientists are supported by our team of soil scientists, as well as a network of industry experts.

Some of our specialities include:

• Effluent Irrigation Assessments (including MEDLI modelling)
• Acid Sulfate Soil Assessments
• Beneficial Reuse of Waste Assessments
• Land Application Assessments
• Waste Disposal Assessments
• Contaminated Land Assessments
• Surface Water Assessments
• Groundwater Assessments

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We design and implement water monitoring plans and provide ongoing sample collection and testing. Our team of Environmental Scientists can perform a full ground investigation and site assessment including complex groundwater modelling and monitoring.

We work with property owners, developers and investment groups. With offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Canberra, we offer consistent quality and local knowledge of federal and state environmental legislation.

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