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SESL Australia (SESL) was engaged by Ku-Ring-Gai Council to undertake Water Quality Monitoring at a range of locations from within the St. Ives and North Turramurra former landfill sites in Ku-Ring-Gai Council Local Government Area.

Sampling was conducted (and continues to be conducted) on a bi-monthly basis in accordance with the client’s request. A total of ten (10) locations are sampled across the investigation area as part of the project.

A water-monitoring program was established for the investigation area in response to concerns of environmental pollution that may be caused as a result of the former landfill sites as well as other human activities within the investigation area.

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The Water Quality Monitoring study was to determine the quality of the water at each sample location and compare these results against ANZECC Guidelines for Fresh and Marine Water Quality (2000). This water quality-monitoring program adopted the 99% level of protection of species as the Default Trigger Values for Lowland Rivers for slightly disturbed ecosystems.

A wide range of Laboratory and Field Measurements were taken in order to appropriately assess the level of disturbance within each of the sampling locations. Laboratory analytes included; nutrients, heavy metals, biological oxygen demand, total suspended solids, total organic carbon and bacteria. Field measurements included; temperature, dissolved oxygen, pH, electrical conductivity, redox and turbidity.

In addition to the bi-monthly assessment, a bi-annual (twice a year) Macro-invertebrate assessment was undertaken in order to further assess the impacts of pollution within the investigation area. Macro-invertebrates were identified and signal scores were used to give an indication of stream health by the species of invertebrates present.

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