SESL offers research and development services in a range of areas of science-

  • Design testing programs to research and solve a problem in soil, waste and environmental sciences.

  • Develop new methods, modify existing methods to give greater insight into problems with existing or new soils, composts,   growing media and wastes.

  • Research waste and wastewater treatment processes.

  • Conduct trials on the behaviour of wastes in the environment, their treatment and amelioration.

  • Conduct composting and related treatment trials on a bench scale prior to up-scaling.

  • Conduct plant growth trials to research particular contaminants or the efficacy of treatment processes.

  • Research on the efficacy and modification of biofiltration soils.

  • Observation of product efficacy (fertilisers, soil conditioners, physical amendments) with unbiased scientific methodology to   produce sound, accurate claims

  • Observation of non-target effects of commercial products on surrounding horticultural landscapes

  • Development of commercial product formulations for wide scale implementation

  • Development of complex automated calculators and decision-making tools for ongoing compliance, record keeping and   quality control

  • Research and databasing of plant tissue analysis for benchmarking and comparative analysis to identify deficiency and toxicity


Examples of past projects include:-

  • Establishment, modification and conduct of complex sequential extraction

  • procedures on iron ore mining wastes for Rio Tinto.

  • Acidification and amelioration of tunnelling wastes for reuse as growing media using bench scale trials.

  • Oxidation and neutralisation of acid sulphate wastes both soils and mine wastes using bench tests.

  • Research on the nutritional needs of Australian native plants including pH and phosphorus tolerance.

  • Research on low-cost simple methods of PFAS/PFOS removal from water.

  • Research into commercially available products and associated marketing claims

  • Development and comparison of different methodology for Total Organic Carbon (Walkley Black and Dumas Combustion)       measurement to allow for correlation

  • Soil mix development and efficacy study of differing filter media for Biofiltration / Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) systems using leachate analysis

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