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Black Soil


Here at SESL Australia, we strive to be exceptional.


Choose to join our team today and advance your career with a well-established and trusted niche laboratory and scientific consultancy.


At SESL, you will collaborate with a team of experienced and dedicated individuals bring a diversity of experience to help you challenge what’s possible

As an innovative and growing company, we are currently looking for Sydney based individuals with experience in soil science, environmental consulting, resource recovery, horticulture, other related scientific fields or previous consulting knowledge.

Current Vacancies

At SESL, we post all of our job opportunities and active vacancies below. 
You can either apply below or apply through our LinkedIn job advertisements.

Keep an eye out on our LinkedIn page for regular updates and notifications on our positions available.

Senior Environmental Scientist (NSW)

Full time 
Head Office, Sydney Australia

Why Join SESL?

Established in Sydney in 1984 by Simon Leake, SESL Australia has pathed the way in environmental, water and soil consulting over 35 years. With a growing network of national and international clientele, we partner with a wide range of government, private and multi-nationals. A career at SESL opens up the opportunity to work directly with a diverse range of clients on some of the most iconic national and international landscapes.

Our team focus is to:

  • Deliver consistent quality and local knowledge

  • "Bring the science" into consulting

  • Build strong relationships with leading business and government clients

  • Highlight and support the multi-disciplinary abilities of our diverse team

  • Make an impact toward sustainable solutions

  • Deliver environmental benefits and sound financial returns

One of the key successes to our company is our approach to team blending. At SESL, we understand that knowledge is power. With a team of experts from all walks of scientific and consulting experience, we highly value knowledge sharing and transparency across all departments. 

Our team share a commitment to our vision, working together to provide efficient outcomes for the environment and our clients.  We know the success of our companies lies with our people, and with that, SESL provides the opportunity for our staff to learn, grow and collaborate together.

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