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SESL Australia: Our Commitment


Soil is the basis for all terrestrial life on earth.

That is why we need to protect it.

SESL was founded to fulfil the need for sustainable soil science in Australia.

Since our conception, we have used scientific expertise as a conduit to develop solutions to environmental and resource issues within our industry.

For the benefit of social, economic and environmental wellbeing, we are committed to doing our part as we work toward a sustainable future.

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Soil is a finite resource.

At SESL Australia, our mission is to resuse all existing soil resources and minimise contribution to imported materials to mitigate the concerns of landfill pollution. 

We work with our clients to advise how they can correct their existing soil instead of purchasing more. Through scientific classification and characterisation, we can identify beneficial re-use opportunities for all kinds of waste. The reapplication of this nutrient rich organic waste back onto the Australian landscape is a highly beneficial solution for both our clients and the health of our Australian soils.

Ultimately, as a company, we strive to support clients working towards a circular economy. 

Why Soil Matters

Soil is a highly valuable but misunderstood resource. As it lies beneath our feet, typically unexciting in visual appeal, it is a resource that is too often overlooked. 

In actuality, soil is the connection between almost all living things on this planet. Teeming with life, essential minerals and nutrients, there are more living things in a teaspoon of healthy soil than humans on this earth. Without soil there would be no agriculture, no trees, no life, no atmosphere.


Soil health has implications for all of us- our climate, natural and built environments, our food stability and nutritional health.


Here at SESL, we understand why soil matters.

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Resource Recovery

Resource recovery is one of our key consulting specialties here at SESL. Working in this field for over 40 years, we have become a pioneer in the recycling and reuse of waste materials. 

Our Resource Recovery team is made up of qualified environmental experts with vast experience in soil science, contaminated site assessment and horticulture.

Here our work is highly client focused, providing insight to the application of beneficial waste materials back onto Australian land.

Some of our major projects using recovered materials:

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