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Waste Classification at our NATA Accredited laboratory can be performed on liquid waste, solid waste and organic waste materials. We service private, commercial, industrial and civil sectors.

Chemical and hazardous waste analysis of liquid or solid materials can be crucial to the reuse or disposal of a material and provide economic and strategic benefits to the outcome of any project. We classify waste in accordance with industry compliant regulatory instruments.

  • Asbestos Testing

  • Grease-trap Waste

  • Landfill Disposal/Reuse

  • Hazardous Materials

  • Waste Classification

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SESLs NATA Accredited Laboratory hosts a variety of soil analyses for a wide range of environmental, agricultural and urban horticultural sectors.

SESL can test to meet Australian Standards for soils and organic products, NSW Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) Specifications, Queensland Transport and Main Roads Specifications (MRTS 16), resource recovery order requirements (NSW Biosolids, etc.) and the majority of client-provided specifications. Our analysis suites also cover landscape specifications that SESL has developed and published in ‘Soils for Landscape Development, Selection, Specification and Development (Leake and Haege 2014)’ to ensure that your soil meets the required end use.

We test passive amenity turf, sports fields (USGA), bunker sands, cricket wickets, mass planting, garden beds, street trees, on slab podiums, green walls, green roofs, raingardens, stormwater filtration systems, wetlands and display beds.


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Plant tissue analysis allows you to determine the nutrients for optimal crop production and quality. It also allows for an in-depth understanding of the interaction between the soil media and the plant nutrient uptake. Our laboratory testing can provide results which can then be used to get to the root of plant issues.

Plant performance or failure can be the result of a range of factors, including poor nutrients, unsatisfactory conditions (climate, competition or soil), poisoning or surrounding hazardous material. SESL’s laboratory is equipped with the knowledge and experience to get to the root of your plant’s issues.

  • Crop Production

  • Plant Poisoning

  • Plant Health and Performance

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Our in-house NATA accredited Laboratory provides water testing. We can test water from a wide variety of sources including drinking water, irrigation water and effluent, among others. SESL Australia's water sampling services allow our consulting team to provide in-depth management plans of your site combined with the analysis.

The sampling methods and preservation of water samples are crucial to the accuracy and reliability of results. For this reason, our consulting and laboratory team work hand in hand to ensure analysis results are reliable and compliant with industry standards.


  • Irrigation Water Testing

  • Estuarine & Marine Water Testing

  • Freshwater Testing

  • Drinking Water testing

  • Bore Water Testing

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Compost testing, mulch testing and soil conditioner testing are backed by our specialist horticultural and environmental consulting teams. We provide the full range of testing as per AS 4454. The testing assesses the compost performance, chemical and physical characteristics to satisfy national compliance declarations and abide by Australian Standards and regulations in the industry.

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Potting Mix is assessed under the Australian Standard 3743 (Regular or Premium). The analysis conducted by our in-house laboratory assesses the potting mix performance, chemical and physical characteristics to satisfy national compliance declarations and abide by Australian Standards and Regulations in the industry.

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