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Research & Development

One of SESL's passions is research & development in the soil science & horticultural industry. Since our inception, our team have been researching, conducting trials and developing new methods to soil science testing to give greater insight into problems with existing or new soils.

Over the years, SESL Australia, has been recognised for its expertise in the field of soil science and horticultural research. Technical Director Simon Leake and our team have been recognised for awards in research & communication, excellence in literature for scientific publication, and our additions to development of new soil testing methodologies.

Image by Ivan Bandura

Service Name

Research into waste and wastewater treatment processes.

Coast Line

Research on the efficacy and modification of biofiltration soils.

Service Name

plant tissue (2)_edited.jpg

Service Name

Research and databasing of plant tissue analysis for benchmarking and comparative analysis to identify deficiency and toxicity.

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Conducting observation trials on the efficacy of commercial treatments and products with unbiased scientific methodology to produce accurate claims prior and post marketing.

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Conducting trials on the behaviour of wastes in the environment, their treatment, and amelioration.


Development of complex automated calculators and decision-making tools for ongoing compliance, record keeping and quality control procedures.

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