SESL Australia has evolved over 30 years and is now one of Australia’s leading environmental, soil, water and plant science laboratory and consultancy service.  Established in Sydney in 1984 by Simon Leake, SESL has a network of offices across Australia including NSW, VIC, QLD and the ACT this provides our clients with consistent quality and local knowledge. 

The breadth of experience from within our multi-disciplinary team of scientists means we can support faster decision making, collaboration and the timely delivery of desired outcomes.

We partner with a wide range of industry sectors from government,  private enterprise and multi-nationals.

Our strength is in our team’s ability to “Bring the Science” and work with our partners to deliver environmental benefits, sustainable solutions and sound financial returns.


Simon Leake
Principal Soil Scientist and Founder

Simon is Technical Director and soil science subject matter expert at SESL and enjoys mentoring the SESL team and encouraging the objective application of science knowledge to solve client problems. Simon is also an expert in soil/vegetation rehabilitation and reconstruction such as in mine sites and urban renewal projects.

Andres Grigaliunas
Principal Environmental Scientist / NSW Environment Manager

Andres has significant professional experience in a wide range of services including contaminated land (including hazardous material assessments, acid sulfate soils and remediation supervision), environmental assessments, marine ecology and environmental auditing. His extensive experience in a wide range of areas allows him to provide a comprehensive and holistic approach to projects generating a cost-effective solution benefiting the stakeholders involved.

Chantal Milner
Senior Soil Scientist/ NSW Soil Science Manager

Chantal primarily manages the urban horticulture sector and is experienced in identifying strategies for site soil reuse reducing the need for soil importation and waste disposal. Her specialties include developing soil blends from potential waste products and conducting plant growth trials to assess their viability.

Declan McDonald
Senior Soil Scientist / VIC Manager

Declan is a Senior Soil Scientist who works across industries including horticulture, agriculture, arboriculture, contaminated lands and organic recycling.  In his role he supports a diverse range of professionals from farmers to urban designers to composters and engineers.

Luke Jacovides
Senior Environmental Scientist / QLD Manager

Luke Jacovides is a Senior Environmental Scientist and the manager of SESL Australia’s Queensland office. He coordinates a range of environmental projects for SESL Australia’s extensive client base by applying a practical approach to science and legislation to achieve exceptional results for his clients and the environment.

Samantha Grant-Vest
Environmental Scientist / NSW Resource Recovery Manager

Samantha is a horticulturist and environmental scientist with extensive project management experience. Samantha held the role of senior horticulturist within the media industry for ten years; a role in which she consulted on plant nutrition, pests and diseases and suburban landscape design.


Stephen Cox
Soil Scientist

Stephen Cox is a soil scientist who assists a wide range of clients including landscape architects, local government, soil suppliers and project managers in understanding soil issues from an environmental and horticultural perspective.

Jonas Larsen
Environmental Scientist

Jonas Larsen is an Environmental Scientist who works at SESL Australia Pty Ltd, soil and environmental consultancy based in Australia, providing consultancy advice towards environmental protection. As a scientist, Jonas believes that high-quality work is based on high-quality science and scientific interpretation.

Jane Koo BW Cropped.jpg
Jane Koo
Environmental Scientist

Jane is an environmental scientist with previous experience in waste and resource recovery operations within the public sector. She developed a passion for ecological conservation throughout her studies and has a vested interest in utilising organics recycling processes to optimise waste diversion and sustainability.

Owen Guy
Soil Scientist

Owen is part of SESL Soil Science team with field experience in soil surveying and assessment for agricultural suitability. Owen comes from an agriculture background and developed his knowledge of soil chemistry and physics through his studies. He is especially interested in the interactions of soil physical and chemical characteristics with specific cropping and landscape application.


Grace Pattanadarong
Soil Scientist
Organics Laboratory Supervisor

Grace (Kanyarat) Pattanadarong earned her bachelor of chemical engineering from KMITNB, Thailand and the master from CQU, Australia. She had worked as an engineer for 3 years in Thailand and has  5 years experience working in environmental testing as a lab supervisor in  Australia. 

Harrison Leake
Facilities, Assets, Systems & Services Manager

With over 15 years experience in system development at SESL, Harrison is motivated to continuously improve SESL’s technology and methodology keeping us at the forefront of quality and efficiency. Harrison’s primary interest has always been in implementing good science and technology solutions to improve environmental outcomes.

My Chi Mai
Quality Assurance

With over 30 years experience in instrumental analysis and quality certification, developed at highly respected oganisations, My Chi is motivated to continuously improve SESL’s quality control keeping us at the forefront of quality and efficiency.

Ian King
InOrganics Laboratory Supervisor

Ian studied Geophysics at university and has been with SESL for over 20 years. In that time Ian has gained experience in a wide range of testing including method development and troubleshooting. Ian has a solid understanding of agricultural, horticultural, environmental and physical properties testing using instrumentation such as ICP-OES, high temperature combustion analyser, UV-Visible spectroscopy.

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Setareh Pourkazemi BW Cropped.jpg
Setareh Pour Kazemi
Environmental Scientist

Setareh is an environmental scientist with more than 3 years experience in contaminated land management, completing her masters degree in environmental engineering management at University of Technology Sydney. 


Joining SESL in 2019 as an environmental consultant, Setareh has developed her project management experience and consulting skills across a range of areas including contaminated land assessment, acid sulphate risk assessments, waste classification, water monitoring, vapour monitoring and remediation of contaminated land.