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About SESL Australia


Meet Simon Leake

Simon, our Director of Science here at SESL Australia founded the business in 1984. As Director of Science, Simon enjoys mentoring the SESL team in the objective application of soil science to solve client problems. Simon is expert in soil/vegetation rehabilitation such as in mine sites and urban renewal projects. He is a Certified Practicing Soil Scientist and expert witness in legal matters related to soil, waste and composting sciences. 

Simon has been published multiple times via the CSIRO including developing, “Soils for Landscape Development”, a practical guide for future development of landscape soil technology and the specification of soil and growing media. Simon is a frequent lecturer to various universities including University of Technology Sydney, University of NSW, University of Sydney, and TAFE Ryde School of Horticulture and Hawkesbury Campus as well as many conferences and professional organisations, giving lectures on urban soil science, turf rootzone soils, tree rootzone management, pedology, soil chemistry, soil management and modification, amelioration, and plant nutrition in Australia and overseas. 

Simon also conducts lectures to hundreds of interest groups, seminars, conferences, TV and radio appearances. Simon is frequently called upon to give advice in radio and television programs having appeared on “Burkes Backyard” several times, radio segments for the ABC more.

What does SESL Australia do?

Contact Us

For further information or inquiries, please reach out to the SESL Australia team at

At SESL Australia, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive support tailored to your needs. Whether it's soil analysis, environmental consulting, or any other service, our team is committed to ensuring your satisfaction. Count on us to deliver accurate results and expert advice, empowering you to make informed decisions with confidence.

We look forward to the opportunity to collaborate with you and contribute to your success.

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