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Complete Soil Check- SESL have gone Retail!

At SESL Australia, we have been busy getting ready for a groundbreaking launch...

After years in the making and a lengthy trial and error process, SESL Australia are proud to announce they have hit the retail market!

Our SESL Australia Team at the launch of our new CSC testing kit.

SESL Founder Simon Leake noticed a gap in the market for comprehensive soil testing at a retail friendly price. If you're after anything more than a pH dip stick test, and want professional interpretation and recommendations to accompany testing, prices can easily jump straight into the $500 range.

Here at SESL Australia, meeting the clients wants and needs is something of upmost importance. We wanted to allow our clients the option to choose a cheaper alternative if desired. After working and brainstorming tirelessly on a solution to this, Complete Soil Check (CSC) was born.

CSC is a diagnostic testing kit that allows customers to improve and maintain their own DIY gardening projects. It employs the convenience of an at home test with the reliability and expertise of a professional laboratory and consulting company. Never before have home projects had access to such comprehensive testing and interpretation!

CSC follows an effortlessly simple process:

Scan the QR code & fill in your details.

  1. Pick an area to sample & collect.

  2. Place the soil in your sample pouch.

  3. Post off your sample & wait to receive your results in your email.


You can also purchase our Complete Soil Check kit from our Thornleigh Laboratory!
  • Individuals looking for basic soil health testing for their residential property.

  • Individuals looking for basic soil health testing for veggie gardens or other small gardening projects (flower beds, etc).

  • Those wishing to investigate their gardens performance without requiring an in-depth interpretation.

  • Individuals wanting a cheaper alternative to the more comprehensive soil testing services.

  • Curious and avid gardeners wanting to ensure optimal soil health.


The Complete Soil Check pouches allow the clients access to a variety of data about their soil and garden health.

CSC soils are tested comprehensively in a NATA accredited laboratory to the upmost standard.

Testing Suite includes:

Soil pH Soil Organic Matter

Salinity (Electrical Conductivity) Micronutrients

Texture Soil Cations Exchange Capacity (CEC)

Nitrogen Interpretation of Results

Phosphorus Product Recommendations


Micronutrients breakdown: Soil eCEC breakdown:

Sulfur (mg/kg) Soil Cation Exchange (cmol(+)/kg)

Iron (mg/kg) Calcium (% eCEC)

Manganese (mg/kg) Magnesium (% eCEC)

Zinc (mg/kg) Sodium (% eCEC)

Copper (mg/kg)

Boron (mg/kg)

It should be noted that this testing kit is only suitable for general garden performance testing. It cannot confirm the presence of any toxicities. It does however capture the profile of the most common nutrient & chemical deficiencies that impact soil health.


Once the sample is sent off in the post, you should receive your report within 10 working days. Through your email provided, we will notify you of your samples status throughout the process. Our report presents an in-depth physical and chemical analysis of the soil properties in an easy to understand traffic light system.

= Critical imbalance/ product needed (very high or very low)

= Moderate imbalance/ product recommended (high or low)

= Optimal levels (no product required)


SESL Australia have teamed up with "Australia's leading Garden Centre" to make our pouches accessible to those all over Sydney. The CSC soil testing kit can be located on the counter side of all 10 of Flower Power stores, located around the City of Sydney.

Our CSC pouches can also be purchased at our laboratory in Thornleigh or online at the Complete Soil Check website!

Here at SESL Australia, we are so excited about our new product and we know you will be too.

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