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Expert Witness

SESL Australia can provide expert statements and evidence in legal matters in the soil, horticulture and contamination science fields. Our team is headed by Simon Leake, a distinguished soil scientist with over 40 years of industry experience. Simon has provided expert evidence in many cases involving liability in potting and landscape soil manufacturing, construction, tree damage to structures, planning disputes, consumer law and insurance fraud. Simon has given evidence in the Federal Court, NSW Supreme Court and District Court, NSW Land and Environment Court, Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal and the Qld Planning and Environment Court.

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Research into waste and wastewater treatment processes.

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Coast Line

Research on the efficacy and modification of biofiltration soils.

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plant tissue (2)_edited.jpg

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Research and databasing of plant tissue analysis for benchmarking and comparative analysis to identify deficiency and toxicity.

soil conditioner_edited_edited.jpg

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Conducting observation trials on the efficacy of commercial treatments and products with unbiased scientific methodology to produce accurate claims prior and post marketing.

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Conducting trials on the behaviour of wastes in the environment, their treatment, and amelioration.


Development of complex automated calculators and decision-making tools for ongoing compliance, record keeping and quality control procedures.

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