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Pilot Soil Monitoring Incentives Program

Soil is one of the key pillars to agricultural production and is quickly becoming the focus of research and Government funding. The importance of collecting data on soil chemical and physical characteristics is of increasing importance in the agricultural sectors. Soil data and monitoring is critical to providing the full picture of any agricultural or horticultural enterprise. Sound, robust, and relevant data can shed light on management practices and provide a catalyst for change and improvement in yields / economic returns. Soil data and monitoring also provides avenues for additional incentives to farmers.

The Australian Government has pledged a $54.4 million budget over the next two years to support land managers in a new pilot program referred to as the “Pilot Soil Monitoring and Incentives Program”. This program provides a new avenue for farmers and producers to collect sound, robust and relevant data on the soil which their farms depend on.

Fig.1 Soil classification tools and textbooks for soil monitoring

About the program

The 'Pilot Soil Monitoring and Incentives Program' provides farmers with access to low-cost soil sampling and certified testing in exchange for sharing their data with the program. Financial benefits of up to $10,000 and assistance from Commonwealth-funded soil extension officers to analyse and interpret soil testing results are available.

Southern Cross University has been engaged to work closely with farmers, land managers and laboratories to offer a comprehensive suite of soil sampling and testing. With the aid of soil extension officers to interpret soil test results and provide recommendations, the program intends to allow farmers to most efficiently manage their valuable assets and enhance soil productivity, health and resilience.

The 'Pilot Soil Monitoring & Incentives Program' is being funded by the Emissions Reduction Fund to be tested by SCU/EAL laboratories in return for the data that will be used to build a body of soil data and research. The data gathered through the program will be shared directly with the Australian National Soil Information System (ANSIS).

The importance of this program

SESL Australia is delighted to announce that we have been selected and approved as soil samplers for this program. As a company focused on creating optimal soil health and productivity throughout Australian landscapes, we are proud to support our farmers and land managers in the aim to increase soil resilience over time on a national scale.

As well as the suite of benefits this program can bring to farmers and land owners, sharing data in this capacity provides essential information to our government around the condition and quality of soil across Australia.

Information such as this is fundamental to figuring out the unique features of our Australian landscape. The more data we have on the unique Australian soil, the more we understand how to care for our soils in a sustainable and economical way. Information about your soil will help to build a better understanding of the condition and health of Australia’s soil over time.

This program only uses your aggregated soil information that will be publicly available on ANSIS. No information about you or your property will be publicly available.

For more details, read up about this revolutionary program below.

Contacts and applications for the Pilot Soils Monitoring Program are to be made through these links also:

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